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A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way; a storyteller; a narrator

Writing a Life Story Book: 6 Benefits for the Storyteller

There are a lot of great reasons to preserve your life story in a book revolving around the benefit of others. Some include history preservation, informing your family about your experiences, and inspiring present and future generations of your family. But there are also a lot of great reasons to preserve your life story that directly impact you—the storyteller.

1. Recollecting happy memories will positively impact your mood. 
Telling your story will remind you of happy times and create another new, positive memory of the time spent sharing and preserving sagas of old. Our storytellers find great joy in recalling childhood days spent at play, young love, times with their children, and many more happy memories. 

2. Recollecting the not-so-good times will be cathartic. 
Every life story has its ups and downs. In reviewing hard times in hindsight, there will usually be newfound clarity and healing. There is also peace in knowing hard topics have been hashed out and documented. Our storytellers often voice that they feel better for having revisited even the toughest of times. 

3. Your story will survive the tests of time
History is far more than dates and names. Every individual houses a personal history of our own origins, upbringing, and adult lives. There will be contentment in knowing you have immortalized your memories. Our storytellers often feel relieved to know their stories will live on throughout many generations. 

4. Sharing your life story will exercise your memory
Recounting episodes from years before keeps your memory active and sharp. Our storytellers are often surprised that, when challenged to remember, they remember a whole lot more than they initially thought they would. 

5. Reminiscing will remind you of your purpose. 
Remembering when you were the most lively will remind you of the profound impact you have had on those around you and the world in general. Our storytellers are often refreshed and fulfilled after recollecting all that they have accomplished. 

6. Writing your life story will be productive. 
Sometimes in retirement, it’s easy to slow down and long for productive tasks. Writing your life story will be a productive task with rich rewards. When the book is complete, you will see the tangible fruit of your labor. Our storytellers often feel revitalized by the productivity of working on a life story book project.

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