What's a Raconteur?


A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way; a storyteller; a narrator

Our Process

How it Works

Step 1. Consultation

During the telephone or in-person consultation, the Raconteur project manager learns about your story, discusses your goals, answers questions, provides an estimate, and schedules your interviews.

Raconteur photos - Consultation
Raconteur photos - Interview

Step 2. Interview

The writer meets you at your home.
She asks guided interview questions and
listens to additional information you add.

Step 3. Photo Selection

You receive a custom photo checklist to guide you while gathering treasured photographs. The writer will assist you in selecting the best quality photographs that complement the narrative.

Raconteur photos - Photo Selection
Raconteur photos - Writing

Step 4. Writing

The writer transforms your interview transcript into a unified story, striving to keep your voice intact while she organizes memories, consolidates ideas, and refines your narrative.

Step 5. Design

The designer formats your life story’s text and photos in a completely custom layout, using fonts and colors that fit you. She also creates a unique cover for your book.

Raconteur photos - Design
Raconteur photos - Review

Step 6. Review

You review the book's manuscript, photo integration, and cover design before publication. Raconteur proofreaders and editors review it too.

Step 7. Your Life Story

After the Raconteur team formats your book, it goes to press. A beautiful heirloom book emerges within a few weeks.

Raconteur photos - Your Life Story

Contact Raconteur

The subject(s) of the book will communicate their story to a writer
The subject(s) of the book has passed away and other loved ones will relay their story to the writer
The subject(s) of the book has written pieces of their life story, but needs a writer to add to and refine the work for publication

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