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What to Give Someone Who Has Everything

We all know someone who isn’t easy to shop for and seems to have everything they need. So, what do you get for the person who has everything? Perhaps you’ve been giving them gifts for years and are out of ideas. Perhaps you want to give them something especially meaningful.

How about giving them the gift of experience? After all, many people find experiences far more valuable than material things. Experiences create invaluable memories. Check out these four ways you can give someone the gift of experience:

Learning New Skills

This type of gift is engaging and useful. Maybe the recipient has always wanted to learn a particular skill but never had the time. If they have a particular passion or interest, you can gift them the opportunity to more deeply explore that topic. Great gifts include music, art, or dance lessons, cooking/baking demonstrations, museum passes, or online courses in specific subjects.


Maybe the recipient is active or has a sense of adventure. Giving the gift of adventure will get the recipient moving and activate their senses. Travel, wine tastings, adventure sports such as parasailing, or other outdoor activities are great options.


Maybe your loved one who doesn’t take the time to relax feels guilty about self-indulging. Giving the gift of relaxation can be a welcome gift in busy lives. Massages and spa days are great options, but you can give wellness gifts such as a trip to a hot spring or other retreat. 


When someone has seemingly every material thing they need, it may be a good time for them to do some self-reflection. A journal or sessions with a life coach can be good gifts for younger recipients. For older recipients, creating a book of photographs or writing their autobiography can be a great way for them to look back on their lives and put together a legacy to leave future generations. Giving the gift of a life story book will outlast your loved one’s lifetime.

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