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A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way; a storyteller; a narrator

What to Do After You’ve Received Copies of Your Life Story Book

Once you’ve received your heirloom life story book, you probably want your loved ones to read your story. Here are five things you can do with your heirloom book:

1. Host a book signing 

Invite family, new and old friends, distant relatives, and whoever else you’d like to your home, the home of one of your children, or an event venue. Throw a party complete with cake and punch. Give everyone a copy of the book and sign each copy with a special note to each person. 

2. Bring copies to family and friends who live nearby

As an alternative to a book signing, you can individually bring copies to your family and friends. Make plans to visit them in-person, perhaps over lunch or coffee, or invite them over to your home for a visit. Use the opportunity to not only give them a copy of your book, but to spend quality time with the people who mean the most to you.

3. Mail copies to family and friends who live out of town

If it’s inconvenient to meet them in-person due to distance, you can mail your friends and family members a copy of your book with a personalized note. Once they’ve received their copy, call them or video chat with them to talk about the book. 

4. Bring a copy of your book to the local library

You can donate a copy of your book to your local library for archival and historical documentation purposes. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to your community’s larger history by sharing your story, especially if you lived through a major event, such as the Great Depression or World War II. 

 5. Save copies for future generations 

Imagine how much you’d treasure having a copy of a life story book on your great-grandfather or great-grandmother. With that in mind, we recommend setting aside copies of your book not only for your existing grandchildren and great-grandchildren who may be too young to receive a copy at the time your book is published, but also to set aside at least 10 copies for any future great-grandchildren who are yet to be born. You can write notes to the recipient in the book cover or insert an envelope containing a handwritten letter. 

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