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A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way; a storyteller; a narrator

Reasons to Preserve Your Life Story in a Book

Many of us rush through our day to day, hardly reflecting on the past. But it’s the sum of your past days that equate to the person you are today. By recollecting those days, you can learn more about yourself. In turn, your loved ones can learn about you too. One way to explore your history is to write your memoir. 

There are plenty of reasons to preserve your life story. Here are a few:

1. Your family will be SO glad you did

We often go through life surrounded by the same loved ones. We share meals. We share holidays. We talk about our days at work or repeat some timeless, funny family story. But how well do your loved ones truly know you? By writing your memoir, your loved ones will learn the details of who you are, what memories you hold dear, and about those you love and have loved dearly. When you share about the trials you have transformed into triumphs, your family will be inspired. And, someday when you are gone, they will treasure your story all the more.  

2. You’ll feel freer

Confronting and documenting negative experiences helps you move past them. Writing about hard times invites you to re-think and re-process them, which brings healing and comfort. On the flip side, you’ll also consider all the good times you’ve had. You will be able to review the story of your life, weigh the good and the bad, and hopefully see the beauty in the obstacles you overcame, freeing you to joyfully move forward. 

3. You’ll fight boredom

Days can get monotonous. Rather you are working or retired, you may fall into the routine of doing the same thing every day that you’ve done for years. You may be bored with your current activities. By adding “interview time” or “photo collecting” to your schedule, you’ll add something fresh and new to your days. And since you’ve lived such a vivid, full life, you’ll find plenty of topics to write about or discuss with your Raconteur interviewer. Goodbye, boredom! 

4. You’ll create an heirloom 

If you have children, then your memoir won’t just be for you. Instead, it will impact your children, their children, and many generations to come. By taking the time to recall and collect your life stories, you will reinforce a lasting influence.

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