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Memorial Day Tribute

A Tribute to Eldridge Michael Brunet


This Memorial Day, we honor the son of one of our storytellers.

Eldridge Michael Brunet was born on February 13, 1947, the second of Ruby and Dolores Brunet’s 11 children. He grew up just outside of Houma, Louisiana. 

Eldridge was a sweet-spirited young man who loved God and music. He was always looking to help someone in need. He was the only Brunet child who took after his father’s love for music, playing guitar and singing. 

Eldridge graduated in 1965 and went straight to work in the oil field for nine months before he was drafted and sent to Vietnam. Before leaving in the Army, he wrote and recorded a song expressing his deep-rooted faith. 

On September 27, 1967, Eldridge volunteered to join a mission another medic refused to go on but one he felt compelled to go on, knowing if he didn’t, the company would be one medic short. When the enemy began bombing the area, Eldridge walked into the line of mortar fire to aid a wounded soldier and wave off an incoming American helicopter. At just 20 years of age, he died doing what he lived to do—help others. 

Eldridge’s Song

One day I was all alone
I felt so far from home
 Oh my poor heart wanted to cry

I sat down and I saw why
I needed my Savior, I wanted Him so
How could I be so blind to see
 Now I’m so happy I can see sunshine again

And I’m happy as I can be
As I go through life
No longer do I cry
 And no matter how rough the road of life might get

God will help you if you will try

Have trust in your Savior
Don’t ever go astray
 Don’t ever keep the Lord waiting for you

Get on your knees every day and pray
Some things take patience to bear
Some things are hard to do
 Oh it’s wonderful how much patience will do

Take up your cross and carry it through
I needed my Savior; I wanted Him so
How could I be so blind to see
 Now I accept any suffering the Lord wills to me

He has carried His cross to save me
Have trust in your Savior
Don’t ever go astray
 Walk every step of the way as our Savior taught you

He came on earth to save you too

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