What's a Raconteur?


A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way; a storyteller; a narrator

Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Our life story books are the perfect gift for anyone, but especially for your hard-to-buy-for loved ones who already seem to have everything they need. We have found that even those who seem to have everything they need are still missing a life story book. 

A life story book makes a great birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or other holiday gift. Life story books are often given from grandchildren to grandparents, from children to parents, from spouse to spouse, or from niece or nephew to aunt or uncle. 

You may be wondering how you can give someone the gift of a life story book, since it will take months to be created. 

At Raconteur, we provide a tangible, unwrappable experience for our recipients. Once you contact us and inform us that you wish to give a life story book as a gift, we will send you a gift folder. Upon unwrapping and opening the folder, the recipient will be greeted by a notice informing them they have been given a life story book. The contents of the folder will elaborate on what that means, explaining our process, showing the timeline involved, offering a photo checklist, and sharing former client testimonials. After a few moments of soaking up all the gift folder has to offer, recipients will have a newfound understanding about the gift of a life story book. 

Giving the gift of a life story book is a gift that keeps on giving. The recipient not only receives a life story book, but in the process, they enjoy a fun, cathartic, nostalgic interview and photo selection process. Then, all who know and love the recipient enjoy the gift of their story today and in years to come. 

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The subject(s) of the book will communicate their story to a writer
The subject(s) of the book has passed away and other loved ones will relay their story to the writer
The subject(s) of the book has written pieces of their life story, but needs a writer to add to and refine the work for publication

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