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Local WWII vet celebrates 94th birthday, holds book signing for autobiography

published by KATC


A local veteran celebrated his 94th birthday and his new autobiography at his home on Saturday.

Dr. David Fisher, who turned 94 on Thursday, is a Lafayette staple - he is a former USL professor and a World War II veteran who lived through the Great Depression.

And now, he's an author. Dr. Fisher has written a book chronicling his life growing up in Evangeline, during the Depression, and his experiences during WWII. After returning home from war, Fisher played football for SLI, now UL Lafayette.

The book was written in conjunction with Raconteur Story Writing Services, who create memorable books for families of loved ones to cherish.

"I've stayed active, but I think my age is catching up with me. My knees don't work like they used to, and other things," Dr. Fisher said with a smile, "but I feel very blessed that at my age I'm doing as well as I'm doing."


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