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90 Plus: Dr. David Fisher

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A Lafayette man we featured in ’90 Plus’ over a year ago is now an author of his own autobiography. Dr. David Fisher recently celebrated his 94th birthday. Over the years, he documented moments of his life.

His family found a local story-writing company who combined interviews and his writings to create a book.

“I believe sharing my life and having a family with (my wife) Shirley was God’s plan fulfilled,” said Fisher.

David Fisher’s memories about his childhood, his life as a husband and father were meant for his children. Somewhere along the way, his kids came up with the idea of taking those memories and turning them into a book.

“It was just to give to my immediate family, my children and also their children,” he said.

David was born in Evangeline. He says his mother passed away when he was about 10. That’s how he made it to Jennings to live with his grandparents.

“It was during the depression and the people didn’t have much,” said Fisher.

Dr. Fisher says life was simple. The games he played as a kid were about family and community.

“You have a bunch of people come to your house and you have half on one side and on the other side,” he said. “You have a rubber ball and you throw the ball over the roof. You say ‘Annie Over’. The idea was for them to catch the ball, run around the house, throw the ball and hit somebody on the other side. When you hit somebody they’re out of the ball game.”

David is a World War II veteran and a former professor of USL — now called UL-Lafayette.

“I was in charge of the intramural program and taught classes there.” He says his autobiography is dedicated to his late wife, seven children, their children, and the children to come.

“I truly do believe that being a husband and father was what made my life worthwhile.”


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