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A person who tells anecdotes in a skillful and amusing way; a storyteller; a narrator

2024 Remarkable Women nominee: Olivia Savoie

published by KLFY


ACADIANA, La. (KLFY) — This week’s remarkable woman spotlight shines on a young woman with a big heart for the elderly and big talent for capturing their amazing life stories. How she united her people passion with her love of writing and history is nothing short of remarkable.

Equally impressive, this innovative entrepreneur has turned it all into a successful business. Remarkable Women Nominee, Olivia Savoie writes books that are truly the gift that keeps on giving generation after generation.

The 29-year-old Savoie spends most of her working days in her writer’s house nestled on a bayou that runs behind her childhood home.

“I write life story books, heirloom life, storybooks, usually for grandparents, people over 70. and the purpose of these books is for their children and grandchildren to always know their stories and to pass them down through the generations”, Savoie said.

For generations, most people preserved family history in paintings or photographs carefully placed in photo albums for safekeeping while many present-day memories are digital. But Olivia, on advice from a school counselor who suggested she combine her love of people, writing and history, created her own professional path.

“I have loved writing all my life and some other things I loved, it was time with my grandparents and history. So, after I graduated from UL with an English degree, I dove right into putting all those together in life story writing.”

Savoie says her company, Raconteur Life Story Writing, was created to help the aging tell their stories, to bring joy and meaning to their days by making them feel loved and heard while capturing their legacy for future generations.

“Most often I leave with a bond and a book in the end of it. I stay friends with a lot of my people I’ve written on behalf of, and I’ve heard so much about them. I’ve then, in dwelling on their story for weeks at a time while I write it, get very close to the people I work with, and I learn a lot from them,” Savoie explained.

Each project can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks. She has a team that helps with everything from editing copy, choosing and placement of pictures, and book cover design. She says it’s not unusual for her to wake up in the middle of the night to write down inspiration for a chapter title or combing through hundreds of pictures.

“I interview my subjects at their homes. I ask them guided questions, and once I’ve heard their whole story, after many, many hours together, I’ll spend several weeks writing a book from their point of view in their tone of voice. The goal is that even 50 years from now, their grandchildren can read it and feel like they’re hearing their grandparent tell their story,” said Savoie.

It’s because of those stories, packed with colorful characters and rich history, Olivia can’t imagine doing anything else.


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